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Asia Buyer are an Asia Sourcing Agent

Western companies have realized for decades how strategic Low Cost Countries Sourcing (LCCS) has become. Most of them are aware as well how necessary it is to have a professional team on site who can overcome the resulting challenges: buy directly from the most competitive factories without any intermediary, but at the same time securing the quality of the products and the delivery time.

On the other end companies which have set up their own structure in Asia, factory, retail network, sales or purchasing office has been facing specific problems: high operating costs, staff turnover, corruption, cultural issues or simply lack of local purchasing skills available.

AsiaBuyer has been created with this aim in mind. We are not an additional intermediary, neither a simple quality control provider, but we are your own purchasing team in Asia.

Buying directly from the most competitive factories:
Our buyers are integrated in your own team and work on your project with a total transparency. Our customers keep control of the final decision in the choice of supplier. Our 8 years of experience in manufacturing and trading in Asia will help you to qualify the most competitive, reliable and effective suppliers.

Securing the quality and delivery time:
Safety is a key point in LCC sourcing. Our team of buyers and quality controllers work together on site with the suppliers for a clear understanding of your requirements and closely follow up the expected delivery time. Quality controls are carried out during or at the end of production, in order to ensure that the products are in conformity and that the necessary corrective actions are implemented.

Reducing overheads and operational risks:
High operating costs, staff turnover, corruption, cultural issues are some of the challenges faced by companies which are setting up their own International Purchasing Office (IPO). Through outsourcing your procurement to AsiaBuyer team you can immediately reduce your overheads ans staffing risks, whilst gaining access to an experienced bilingual team.

Sourcing and benchmarking globally:
A typical risk for internal IPOs is limiting the sourcing to the country the IPO is located, instead of conducting a true global sourcing. Through our different locations in Asia you can get access to a global network of operation, increasing your capabilities. Thanks to the large number of projects we implemented around Asia, you take as well advantage of a wide category of expertise and benchmarks, increasing your knowledge and productivity.

AsiaBuyer team can either be located at our Offices in Asia or at our customer sites.

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