In the factories, our daily controls ensure the quality and respect of the delivery time

Procurement Outsourcing

Your suppliers have been identified, your objectives are :

A complete solution in order to avoid communication problems, control the prototype making, keep an eye on the expected delivery time, control the quality of the products before departure, implement on time corrective actions and optimize transportation.

Our solution : procurement outsourcing

Procurement Outsourcing:

Our Service Includes:

Price and contract negotiation,

Prototypes follow up and control,

Regular control of the production planning in order to avoid delivery delays,

Quality controls after completion of the first batch in order to notice early in the process non conformities,

Systematic quality control of the products before loading,

Inspection of packaging and packing conditions,

Production sample pick up and shipment,

Implementation of corrective actions if required,

Drafting of a detailed QC report within 48 hours,

Transportation arrangements: volume consolidation if required, space optimization, documents preparation, loading follow up, import procedures,

After sales follow up in case of a warranty.

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