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With an estimated 238 million inhabitants Indonesia is the world’s 4th-most populous country and was ranked as 16th largest economy in the world in 2013 by nominal GDP, and largest in Southeast Asia.

The Indonesian economy performed strongly during the Global Financial Crisis and in 2012 its GDP grew by over 6, edging out India to emerge as second fastest G-20 major economy just behind China.

Main exports:
Agriculture: The main categories are in % of total exports Mineral Fuel & Oil (30%), Palm Oil & Coconut Oil (10%), Copper and Copper Ore (7%).

Industry: The main categories in % of total exports are Electric & Electronic Equipment (6.5%), Rubber products (6.5%), Textile (6.5%), Apparel and Garment (4%), Printing & Computing machines (3%), Paper (2.5%), Automotive (1.5%).

Main markets:
Indonesia’s main export markets are Japan (15.9%), China (11.4%). Singapore (9%), South Korea (7.9%), the United States (7.8%), India (6.6%) and Malaysia (5.9%).

Major challenges:
As of 2011 labor militancy was increasing in Indonesia with a major strike at the Grasberg mine and numerous strikes elsewhere.
Economic disparity and the flow of natural resource profits to Jakarta has led to discontent and even contributed to separatist movements in areas such as Aceh and Irian Jaya.

Inflation has long been another problem in Indonesia. As of 2010, the inflation rate was approximately 7%, when its economic growth was 6%.

But Indonesia shows the same macro-economic characteristics driving China’s current success: Stable political situation, massive investments in country development, large, young and educated workforce and an ever improving business environment.

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