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Staffing & Consulting

Your objectives :

Have locally an experienced buyer / quality controller, at your site or AsiaBuyer site, part-time or full time, under the control of a European senior manager and without the cost of a local employee and structure.

Our Project Staffing Solution

An operational mission to analyse the spend portfolio, identify and implement savings opportunities, without the risks of upfront costs, consulting expenses and resource time consumption.

Our Cost Optimisation Programs

Your purchasing volume has been increasing gradually, you currently have one or several full time AsiaBuyer team members and you would like to create your own structure. We propose to you to integrate employees already experienced and trained on your range of products, whose skills you are sure of and with whom you have already been working with for several months or years.

Our solution Transfer of Buying Office

Why AsiaBuyer?

5 reasons that makes AsiaBuyer the most effective solution for your procurement in Asia.

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