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Supplier Qualification

An extensive analysis on one or several Asian countries, in order to select the best available suppliers who meet your requirements.

Our Service Includes:
Analysis and formalization of the technical specifications in the local language, in order to avoid any misunderstandings with the suppliers,

Sourcing an extensive panel of suppliers who are meeting these requirements. The detailed profiles of the suppliers are provided,

RFQ’s process handled by a local buyer, under the control of a European senior manager,

Comparison and evaluation of the offers according to your selected criteria,

Comparison and ranking of the suppliers’ performance,

Shortlisting of suppliers and recommendations following AsiaBuyer methodology and your criteria,

1 Factory audit included,


Prototype management and samples controls,

Search of the custom codes, taxes and certificates required for the import process,

Checking of the supplier certificates and test reports with the related lab tests,

Evaluation of the transportation costs (sea or air) on a door to door basis.

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